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Release Notes - April 1st 2022

🚀  New

  • Supersede Records

    Supersede records to maintain logical groupings of received files after name changes throughout projects' life cycle.

    Learn how to supersede Records in the guide below.

  • Assign Multiple Reviewers

    Assign specific project owners to internally review revisions, configurable so one or all assigned reviewers are require to approve.

    Learn how to assign Reviewers in the guide below.

  • Import files from SharePoint Project Documents Libraries

    Store work-in-progress files in a separate SharePoint library; save work-in-progress files, sync files to One Drive, and validate document numbers when bringing files into Atvero.

    Learn how to import files from SharePoint Project Document Libraries in the guide below.

  • Metadata Editor Page for Projects

    If this page is enabled on a Project, Project Owners will be able to add and update existing metadata within a Project. Project Members and Visitors can view and filter the list of existing Metadata to check what values will be valid before uploading.
    Learn how to add and update Metadata in the guides below.

🌟  Improvements 
  • Specify a custom default Revision number you all Records to start at other than '01'
  • Improvements to the Workflows page with an added group and description field to tasks, in addition to better filtering capabilities
  • Search the projects lists quickly with the new Search box found on the command bar
  • Improved filtering for the Approval Page
  • Improved filtering for the Projects page on the Hubsite
  • View all filed emails from within Outlook directly by clicking Inbox on the left hand menu within Projects for rich filtering and categorisation.
  • Validate emails when creating new Contacts to avoid transmittal issues
  • Include Role and Role Category when exporting the Contacts list from the Hubsite
  • Lock down Revision Title and metadata if included in a transmitted Issue
  • Improve UI across the product