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Release Notes - 5th July 2021

  🚀  New
  • Contact Distribution lists for issuing

    Users can now create project specific distribution lists which can be selected during issuing to add a list of users to an issue. For more information about how to create and use distribution lists, follow the guide below.

🌟  Improvements 
  • Improved downloading Excel of the Records list
  • When navigating from the PCF Homepage widget, the Records list will filter to show only PCF files
  • PCF Widget shows both internal and received files marked PCF
  • Open Records page in same tab when navigating to the Records list from the PCF widget 
  • Users can now edit the token expiry date for recipients of an Atvero Exchange issue, to be different from the default 90 days.
  • Users can also set transmittal content to be deleted from Atvero Exchange after transmittal token expiry date

🔧  Fixes
  • Improve filtering and group by functionality for Issued and Received registers 
  • Users can now save confidential and PCF checkbox option within a filter view for the Records list 
  • Text styling for the issuing panel to stop text overlapping
  • Fix ISO19650 Roles not loading for Project Contact creation 
  • Fix occasional issue with upload of files when metadata edited 
  •  Resolve upload failure for files with spaces in the filename 
  • Update record title if revision name is different on upload