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Release Notes - June 12th 2023

We are delighted to announce the latest updates to Atvero, with exciting new capabilities and product improvements based on customers' feedback.

🚀  What's new?

  • CMap integration

    Projects, companies, contacts and their subsequent edits will bi-directionally sync between CMap and Atvero, ensuring consistent data between the two systems.

  • Global search

    Use metadata filters to efficiently search across one, several, or all projects, finding rapid results based on file names or documents’ content that are linked directly to the associated Atvero record.

  • Confidential email filing

    Designate an email as confidential by filing into a secure folder which only assigned users can access. Confidential emails are also discoverable in the new global search system.

  • Customisable project metadata

    Flexibly configure the values for project status, sectors, services and fee types at the hub site level to align with teams’ specific needs.

  • Re-transmitting issues

    Re-send issues to different recipients without cloning or producing a new issue number.

  • Filing emails in group mailboxes

    Team members can see whether an email has already been filed in Atvero by another member.

🌟  Improvements 

  • Improved filing of email attachments