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Release Notes - 14th September 2021

🚀  New

Rejoice! Its been a while since we've done a big release but never fear as this newest version of Atvero brings many performance and user experience improvements as well as some exciting new Features!

  • New Atvero Evidence System
With our new Evidence system, Atvero makes it even easier to track the life cycle of your project. Users can now submit record as Evidence for specific milestones and then project owners can review the submitted evidence.

By adding the Life Cycle Overview widget to your homepage, checking the progress of your project couldn't be easier.

To learn how these new features work follow the steps below.

  • Add a company column to the Issued register

  • Users can now filter the Records by different files types

  • New filter to group Received Register records by Company 

🌟  Improvements 

  • Better filters on the Issue Register

  • Improved Upload feedback
When uploading Files, users will now receive more specific feedback when a file is not compliant with the naming scheme

Users will be able to identify which part of the name is invalid and why, which will make uploading files more streamlined.

  • Bulk Record Download 
When bulk downloading files from Atvero, all documents will now be downloaded into a single file to save having to unpack everything. In the bulk download panel, we have also added a new button to select PDFs only

  • The issues drop down in the Edit Issue panel is now sorted by date order to help find the most recent issues
  • Improve export Records list to Excel

The Excel now includes each records last revision and last issued revision numbers 

  • Support for hierarchical Record types and categories, to allow for a broader range of values which will comply with ISO19650 standards

  • The Command Bar on Transmittals will now stick at top of the page to make viewing the transmittals list easier

  • Atvero now supports parentheses in filenames

  • Atvero now support Excel macro files

🔧  Fixes

  • Encode characters correctly for internal sharing link