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Release Notes - February 16th 2023

We are delighted to announce the latest updates to Atvero, with exciting new capabilities and product improvements based on customers' feedback.

ūüöĬ† What's new?

  • Create templated drawings

    Create a Record using a template file, including DWG and non-office files.

    To learn how to create templated drawings, follow the guide below.


  • Improved overall stability and maintainability

  • Improved processing of large number of files upon a single upload

  • Improved CheckPoint activity report

  • Data added to a file name while downloading can be be joined with an underscore rather than the default hyphen

  • Special handling for Windows reserved keywords like "COM1" and others, so these names can be used for Revision numbers

  • "Send From" shows all users instead of only those added to a project

  • Allow ZIP files as renditions for WIP Documents

  • Overhaul of the QA Review process