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Release Notes - July 18th 2022

We are delighted to announce the latest updates to Atvero, with exciting new capabilities and product improvements based on customers' feedback.

ūüöĬ† What's new?

  • Record Distribution lists

    Save a collection of Records into a distribution to make sending the latest revision for each Record that much easier.

    To learn how to create and edit Record distributions, follow the guide below.

  • Retrospective Issue¬†

    Record information about transmittals sent outside of Atvero using the Retrospective Issue option, which will update your issued register and Transmittals list.

    To learn how to create a Retrospective Issue, follow the guide below.

  • Import received files from SharePoint Project Documents Libraries

    Bring in revisions from shared SharePoint folders where you have received files from external people you may be collaborating with.

    To learn how to import received files from SharePoint Project Document Libraries in the guide below.

  • Bulk create Empty Records for Received files

    Bulk create empty Received Records using an Excel spreadsheet.

    To learn how to bulk create a Received Files, follow the guide below.

  • Better Atvero Customisations

    Get in touch with the support team to day to customise any of the following:

    • Custom Order Records Filters items¬†

    • Custom starting Revision number of projects

    • Customise starting number for Records¬†


  • Access Group mailbox from within the Teams app¬†

  • Uploaded by displayed during review¬†

  • Support a wider variety of special characters in filenames¬†

  • Send assignees of Workflow tasks an email when they have been assigned to Action, Review or Audit a task