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Release Notes - 19th July 2021

🚀  New

Lots of work on the much awaited Contact tidying tools this week!
  • Bulk Edit Contacts functionality
  • Import Contacts using a Excel Spreadsheet
  • Merge Companies and company addresses within the Hubsite
  • New filter for emails to show only emails with attachments
  • New Delete PEF button for Hubsite owners

🔧  Fixes
  • Repair Issued Register not displaying all information
  • Records pending in approval now display correctly in dark mode
  • Show Size and Scale correctly in the Issued Register
  • Show all Records included in an issue in the Issued Register

🌟  Improvements 
  • Export Contacts and Companies using a Excel Spreadsheet
  • Keep Links to Projects available during provisioning
  • Add Approve and Reject buttons to the view preview panel in Records list
  • Allow "No Scheme" to be selected when uploading received files