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Release Notes - 26th October 2021

🚀  New
  • Add Role and Role Category for fields to Hubsite Contacts
  • Add Checkboxes for filtering on Yes/No Metadata 
  • Create emails from Distribution lists from the Contact Distribution list information panel
  • Allow for Records to be assigned to multiple workflow tasks at once and display Task information in a table in the Evidence pane

  • Filter out Internal Contacts on the Issued Register using Hide Internal Contacts checkbox

  • Create and edit a Distribution list by selecting  Project Contacts from the Project Contacts list

  • Make Client Company Filter multiselect for Projects list

🌟  Improvements 
  • Reject and warn for files with a trailing dot

  • Rename Atvero Exchange to Atvero Checkpoint

  • Allow Hub members to supersede Contacts

  • Add Company filter to Records list

  • Make Teams navigation dropdown wider 

  • Spread files into root folder rather than nested when bulk downloading 

  • Added support for Excel macro files

  • Reduce throttling for uploads

  • Include Last Revision and Last Issued Revision details to Excel export for Records

🔧  Fixes
  • Corrected behaviour of the date and issue number filters

  • Encode characters for internal sharing link

  • Allow parenthesis in filenames