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Revit Plugin Release Notes - 04/08/21

ūüöĬ† New
  • Revit Model Issue
    This allows users to publish Revit models into Atvero in the following formats:
     - Revit (RVT)
     - Navisworks (NWC)
    -  International Foundation Class (IFC)
  • Revision Support¬†
    Revisions can now be added to Revit Sheets allowing them to be published to Atvero. Within Atvero users can then download Atvero Revisions onto the sheet

  • A2 page size now accepted
  • Catch publishing failing to overwrite rolled-back revisions
  • Preventing users publishing revisions with an existing revision number
  • If page size not determined, prevent Atvero changing default printer setup

  • Better product reliability and stability
  • Improve better publishing error messages